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3 Signs You Need A New Website, and What’s Holding You Back.

We encounter brands that have beautiful branding, products, and marketing content. However, the beauty and functionality end there. To make it in ANY industry you need a functional website that you can monetize.

There are hundreds of reasons that your website needs an update, but here are 3 key signs you need a new website.

Number 1 – Your website is slow

Are you losing thousands of dollars in a one second page delay?

According to a study done by Aberdeen  , “A 1-second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and 7% loss in conversions.”

Impact of slow page load time on website performance

The human attention span has dropped down from 12 seconds to 7 seconds. You have 7 seconds to grab an individuals attention and keep them on your website. If you missed it check out the blog about The Human Attention Span. Poor load time can lead people to be frustrated and click out of your website. Slow load time will also affect your SEO and will cause Google to rank your website poorly.

A few reasons your website may be running slow:

  1. Videos/Images aren’t optimized
  2. Plugins aren’t updated/too many plugins
  3. Too much content and links
  4. Poor hosting
  5. Too many redirects 

Number 2: You aren’t seeing results

We have come across hundreds of websites that were last updated 5+ years ago. Technology is changing in leaps and bounds every year. Your website has to be able to meet the demands of the market.

As your business grows the needs and wants of a website should be adapting. Day one you may not have needed certain functionality like a quiz, CRM, etc, but we hope as the business grows the business website will grow as well.

Reason behind your frustration:

  1. Difficult to update
  2. Inconsistent design (colors, fonts, logos, images)
  3. The industry has evolved and competition is changing
  4. Not mobile-friendly

Number 3: Ranking and Conversion are low

Ranking and conversions go in hand and hand. The first step is getting your website to rank and show up at the top of Google. There are hundreds of tips to getting your website to rank. We are still learning and growing in this area. A key resource we have found develop our skills in this changing environment is Neil Patel.  He offers thousands of free resources about SEO and digital marketing. 


Once you get people to your website, you have to be able to convert them into paying customers. High bounce rates can be due to your website not providing the needs of the customer. Your whole website should have the customer in mind. 

Don’t let money hold you back…

Money is the primary reason businesses don’t take the leap to a build a new website. However, what most people don’t realize is that an outdated website is hurting your business. Websites that aren’t up-to-date get punished by Google and the customer.

A new website is an investment, but the ROI on a new website can add up to far more than what you paid for the website. Not to quote your mom, but “you get what you pay for”. Investing in a website that will improve your business could change the trajectory of your business forever. 

If you are unsure what we could do to advance your website – contact us and we will set up a free consultation. We do the hard work for you and determine exactly how to make your website more efficient. 

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  1. It’s so easy to neglect this part of your business because it not something you look at everyday. But, to your customer it’s everything. Thanks for sharing your helpful insights 🙂

    1. We couldn’t agree more that there is great value in a new website. The investment in a new and/or updated website is well worth the expense of hiring someone, because of the potential ROI.

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