Who is Tourbillon.

Tourbillon is a web design and development studio focused on adding value to your business. Our mission is to provide comprehensive marketing tactics and web development services that take out the hassle of running a website. We focus on taking the stress away from you, so can focus on what you do best.


“A rotating frame, containing the escapement of a clock or watch, that attempts to compensate for the effects of gravity.”

Origin: From tourbillon ‘whirlwind’.

Meet Emily

Hi there! Emily Netti here. I am a marketer by trade, designer by accident, and passionate about adding value to businesses. I am Enneagram 3 and an ENFJ. I am a self growth junkie with a desire to constantly be improving and growing in every area of my life. I have an embarrassing number of podcasts that I listen to every week.

I married my high school sweetheart, and together we threw caution to the wind and started this business. Actually, in reality, we have been planning and working nights/weekends to make this dream come true. We live in an apartment outside the beautiful city of Syracuse, with more plants than furniture.

Meet Luke

Hello there, I’m Luke, an Engineer with a passion for web development and creating webspace for creatives.Thanks to my wife, I recently found out I am an Enneagram 6. I am a hobby man with a passion for making music, reading, and sports.

The reason behind the name Tourbillon is derived from my love for automatic watches. A true automatic watch is not a single device used to keep track of time, but a piece of art. Art that is crafted inside a casing that contains the oldest components in time and work together in perfect harmony. The purpose of a classic timepiece is not to appease or contend with the likes of modern technology, but to reach inside the hearts of horologists and resonate with the purist at heart.

Together, Emily and I create beautiful and curated websites that add value to small businesses.

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